Exit Planning: State of Your Business Analysis™

Atlanta Advisory offers a range of consulting services including Exit Planning, our State of Your Business Analysis™, 3rd party independent valuation services, and more traditional consulting services. Contact us for more information, or to schedule a meeting to review and analyze the current condition of your company. We will be happy to come to your location or you can meet with us at our office in Alpharetta.

A State of Your Business Analysis™ will help you gain a clear understanding of what is good and not so good about your company. We will likely discuss things you rarely consider and take a look at your business from the perspective of a potential buyer. You can use the results as a blueprint to focus your priorities and implement a strategy to either grow or exit your business.

Allow enough time to discuss 20 questions that cover the most important issues related to the value of your business. Prepare to be open, honest, and candid if you want a true picture of the “State of Your Business”.

This will be time and money well spent. Let’s Get Started